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5 things some people may not and 10 things I definitely like about "The Gods Are Bastards"

By APansirus, member

Oct 12, 2016: 5 things some people may not like about "The Gods Are Bastards": – the beginning is a bit rich on exposition, and although I like it, not everyone does – some of the longer books take a while to get to the end due to the multiple plotlines and groups of antagonists and protagonists, though if you binge-read the archives (you probably will . . . ), that hardly matters – on the contrary, I wish the books were longer 😀 – the death rate and change of the death rate over time – not all of the typos get fixed – probably at least a week of your life will be gone after you start reading this (not lost – but gone)

10 things I definitely like like about "The Gods Are Bastards": – the unique, detailed and intricate setting (influences of fantasy, western, science fiction, steam punk?) – the actual developing, alive characters – the banter and dialogue – the storylines and suspense (while it’s not as high suspense as Worm, it’s really well told and more about the characters, their stories, and their decisions and relations) – the continued insistence that violence is not the best way to solve your problems, that things are connected, and that (most^^) characters actually try to solve their problems other than by brute force – show, don’t tell! – at the same time IF there’s action, there’s ACTION – the actually diverse cast – the first time a gnomish character encountered the ("normal"-sized) steps to her living quarters I had to laugh out loud about the sheer genius of thinking about accessability in a fantasy setting! – the great writing of the mentally ill, quite a few of one of the newest character’s reflections resonate – the great nuanced handling of the problems the protagonists face instead of "kill the bad guy, save the day" – though what may actually be my favorite thing about this series is that I keep learning/understanding things about life, whether it’s an explanation of why "asking about asking" is a good idea, discussions about different perspectives/angles of feminism, or an explanation about rulers and strength – there are a lot of "fishes out of water" who need things explained to them, and I really appreciate the insights they gain – and every time I reread it so far, I find something new^^

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