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Excellent Trope Twisting Humorous Fantasy

By chadeo, member

May 5, 2015: I highly recommend this fantasy series for its unique and detailed setting, amazing cast of characters, and a perfect balance of humor and seriousness.

Setting I absolutely love the world building. First it starts with a setting based on taking many of the classic Role Play Game Tropes seriously (the world is filled with monsters that have treasure and adventuring parties often go out to kill them and take it). The timeline is then advanced past the age of adventurers and we get to explore the change to the world economy and systems as the new more advanced and settled world develops. I have never seen another story set in this time period and if you had described it to me before I read TGAB I would never have believed it could work. It is perfect though!

Characters There is a really large cast of characters and I enjoy reading about every single one. This is almost unheard of for me. Typically with a large ensemble I will find myself quickly skimming past some characters to get back to my favorites but that has never happened in this story. Each character has an interesting personality, what they are doing is always engaging, and I find I can empathize with each of them. This is really well done.

Despite having multiple characters with world breaking power I never feel like the story suffers from what I think of as the Dragon Ball Z syndrome. Basically in other stories with this many super powered characters I always feel like I have to suspend my disbelief that the conflict is not quickly resolved. All of the action scenes will feel forced as it seems the conflict is dragged on just for the sake of conflict. In TGAB there is a bunch of conflict that is not easily resolved by pure power, or the various powers come into conflict in a very entertaining way that never feels forced.

Humor As icing on this already awesome cake there is the humor. Humor is one of those things that is very hard to pull off in a story that is otherwise serious. It is almost never done right, either the jokes are flat, or they detract from the sense of tension in the story. This story nails the mix and has had me laughing out loud multiple times, brought me to tears, and had me biting my nails. This elevates an otherwise interesting fantasy into pure excellence.

At the time of this review the story is not yet complete but the author has maintained a 3x a week update schedule consistently for almost a year. Despite this prolific output the quality of each update never suffers.

If you are any kind of fan of Fantasy you owe it to yourself to start reading The Gods Are Bastards!

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