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Certainly must read, but drowning in the worst type of SJW

By CorpseMoney, member

Dec 28, 2016: I don’t think there is a single character I do not like, the story, the plot, the banter. It is all pretty grade A. But the one flaw is how much of the writers feminism bleeds through.

Its in every character, even the men. It especially hurts in the men, and not the bad ones. But the good ones, sometimes things from their perspective just come off with that dash of feminism and your immersion is broken.

I love women very much personally, and agree with feminism to a degree. But in this serial, its so infused in everything it hurts. I begin to feel some type of way towards it after a while, the feminism has its own way of being interpolated into everything in the series. The politics, all of the characters, the plots.

I think great writing is a fine line between inserting yourself and your ideals, and your impression of the world and social interaction.

In this serial the author dashes everything to heavily with her opinions of the world. And honestly its the one thing that hurts the serial, without all the feminism I think it might be up there with the greatest.

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