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A fun and exciting read

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Nov 10, 2014: I normally like to begin these reviews with a summary of the story, but the complex narrative layering of The Gods are Bastards makes it unfair to attempt a summary. What I can say is that this story combines the adventure of old dime-novel westerns, the political intrigue of epic science fiction, the awkwardness and fun of classic school stories, and the eccentricities of Greek mythology all wrapped up in its own unique fantastical world.

What most impressed me about this story was its ability to balance multiple plotlines without losing the attention and interest of the reader—a difficult feat to accomplish. But one of the reasons each of these plots works so well is that the story is populated by a fascinating ensemble cast. Though certainly some of the characters are better developed than others, the author deftly avoids making any of the characters seem like clichés. Even the most minor individuals are three-dimensional, and the major players are complicated and compelling. And bonus (!): several of the characters are laugh-out-loud funny.

However, sometimes I did get a little bit bogged down in the descriptive passages. Some of the chapters begin with paragraph after paragraph of description which, for me, was difficult to read. While the author, for the most part, does a nice job balancing out this description with the narrative action, sometimes the story got a little description-heavy for my personal preferences.

Still, I would definitely recommend this story. It is every bit as fun and as well written as the other reviewers have noted. I look forward to starting in on Book 2 as soon as I finish writing (and posting) this review!

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