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Superb fantasy that gets even better over time!

By Gustostueckerl, member

Mar 22, 2018: Pretty fantastic overall!

A rather unique setting that’s not too stereotypical fantasy, diverse personalities who are overall believable and, most importantly, a well thought out world and magical system!

I can’t stress the last point enough, it’s just so important to me. Have you ever started a webfiction or even a book in which it was pretty clear that the described magical/power system either won’t work or is broken as f? Which usually shows that the author just wrote whatever came to mind without planning for the future? Which then mostly lead to unfinished work because he or she realize the futility of continuing? Well, I have, and it frustrates to no end! Which is why TGAB is just so good. The threads come together, maybe not as soon as you would have liked but soon enough, the system is slightly technical without losing its fantastic elements, and not too many deus ex machinas happen, and even if they do they can be explained.

So read it, you will enjoy it!

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