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It’s fun to read

By Taulsn, author of Reaper

Oct 12, 2014: Edit: I stand by what I said before at that point in time but now at chapter 5-15 the MU parallels are mostly gone. D.D. Webb has only gotten better, and TGaB holds a spot in my top five serials I consider it recommended reading for everyone.

At the time of me writing this The Gods are Bastards is up to chapter 2-1. I’ll do my best, but there might be minor spoilers.

If you have read Tales of MU, then The Gods are Bastards will feel familiar to start with. At least initially, the cast is similar, and the main setting (at this point) seems to be a college campus. However it is in no way a copy of MU, almost immediately going in a very different direction.

The world is large, and we are already getting many glimpses of it from a number of different perspectives. So far, it is intriguing with varying geography, political climates, and a rich history. The cities have been very well thought out and detailed.

The characters are all unique individuals. The viewpoint characters so far have all given very different perspectives of the world, which have been modified by their backgrounds. Every motivation that has been explained makes rational sense, and the ones that haven’t still follow lines of logic. Most importantly I just plain like them, even the bard.

The villain or at least the person I currently consider to be the villain is just plain interesting. While she has shown up a couple of times we still don’t know what she has planned. Even with the atrocities she is responsible for, I still find her to be a sympathetic person. At this point if she turned around, and became a good guy I would accept that without issue. For everything she has going on, she feels like a real person, and people make the best villains.

If you want to ignore everything else I have said here is one big reason to read The Gods are Bastards. It’s funny. I found myself laughing out loud to an empty room repeatedly during my read through. The humor works, it fits the setting, it fits the characters, and it fits well within the story. So yeah, read this one.

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