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Muggle Hermiono Goes to Notwarts School of Noblecraft and A-holery

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: Nic, the son of a maid in the employ of a noble household, becomes a super-student in pursuit of meeting his childhood friend, Dizzy, the daughter of that noble house, by getting into the School for Royal H*ckers (and some Mages). Things are complicated by Dizzy’s father basically being the Minister of Propaganda and Convenient Disappearances (well, he’s more on the protagonist’s side though), the discriminatory atmosphere of the school towards the four (count em, four) outside students joining, and a pretty quick escalation into magic mayhem and possible demonic invasions.

The setting feels mostly like a Victorian Fantasy World, with some convenient technologies in the vein of indoor plumbing, and the Kingdom is basically the equivalent of a police state with nobles and a strong monarchy. No parliament has been mentioned, but there are definitely a lot of Laws. Pretty close to the Bartimaeus stories in feel. Harry Potter + Bartimaeus might be a good fit for the elevator pitch.

Nic is a brainy, Vulcan social chameleon, whose modus operandi in studying is not finding the truth, but figuring out what the "right" answers are; his three compatriot outsider students are Fanny, an overweight mage-to-be with some feeling of magic engineer, Davo, the super-wealthy scion of a merchant, and Simole, who is totally not Very Important and super strong magically or anything like that.

Promising start, I think we’re getting close to the ending of the first arc soon.

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