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A First Look – A Change In Venue

By Morgan O'Friel, member

Jan 9, 2014: A quick heads-up to potential readers: this story is no longer hosted at the link above, and is now at JukePop serials. The author of the series has let me know that she is in the process of submitting the proper link, so that should be available shortly. Until then, clicking to the site’s home page will give you the link, but the one listed here links to a page that does not exist.

Currently only one chapter is available, so my review will be based on that.

The series seems like it has a very interesting – if standard – premise. The introduction shows the various misunderstandings about our heroine, Lady Gray, and the different ways that people react (in this instance, poorly) to her.

It was an interesting action scene, and it left me curious to know more about who this confessor is that she mentioned, and why the name struck fear in most of the people. I’m also curious about what’s going to happen to our narrator.

The tvTropes page for the series, and the various links on the blogspot site (the one currently linked) shows a lot of fan involvement and a very interesting cast and well-developed world. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that.

If you enjoy sword and sorcery, I recommend giving The Graystone Saga a try.

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