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The Human Camera by Moe McLendon


Why would a man abandon his volition to become a camera? How would cinema change if it recorded feelings as well as sight and sound?

“The Human Camera” is a book about how people become machines, and machines become people. It takes place sometime in the early 22nd century, and deals with a man who becomes a cinema camera, through cybernetics and by abandoning his own volition. The films shot using him sing with emotion, projected directly into the viewers’ minds.

The book picks up in the late 21st century with a man named Dziga Vertov, the second known Dziga Vertov in history. A photographic savant, he discovers a young woman named Benazir Bhutto, one of countless Benazir Bhuttos since the first one was assassinated in 2007.

Note: The Human Camera contains some harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating monthly

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Listed: Apr 2, 2014


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