Grimdork with some of the edge filed off

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: The story of a goblin adopted by the old scout of a bandit band.

Don’t let the first arc fool you into thinking "oh, this isn’t that dark", though it’s not the grimdarkest story either. At first you think these bandits are just cold-blooded murderous robbers and not actually rapey but then they’re actually rapey too..? (nothing on-screen and mainly allusions) etc. etc.

Happily our MC, Blacknail, though he is (let us say this kindly) sociopathic and murderous, doesn’t go for that and finds human women pink and repulsive.

Grimdork with the edge filed off, so basically mainly just murderhobo bandits killing people sort of thing (90% other bandits), and Blacknail (internal dialogue notwithstanding) rarely kills ””innocents”” because it’s pointless.

Best thing is Blacknail and the comedy, and Blacknail’s relationships with other characters.

I actually dropped regularly reading this pretty fast after picking it up, so it might not have gripping power.

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