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Keep in The Know

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Aug 18, 2011: "The Know Circuit" is a cyberpunk noir detective story mash-up, as the private investigator Artemis Bridge copes with his daily complications and a sudden crisis in Boulder, Colorado.

It’s an interesting blend of genres. Artemis could be friends with Sam Spade, as he’s got an office, underworld contacts, a helpful assistant/ bodyguard, and debts to goons. However, his story takes place in a future where some people have cybernetic jacks that let them access the Web.

While listening to a concert in a club, Bridge’s Web feed is disrupted by unknown forces that give everyone with similar "jacks" seizures and visions. Everyone exposed to it starts talking about Boulder, and simultaneously the distant city erupts in fire that can be seen from miles away.

When a news chopper flies in to see what’s happened, they discover the entire city has been covered by a black dome before they’re shot down, creating suspense and a crisis. How that’s connected to the corrupted jacks, seizures and Artemis will play out like any good mystery, though this time in a science fiction setting.

The writing is solid, fast-paced and keeps you interested in "turning the page."

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