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Going on seven years of solid storytelling

By Farmerbob1, author of Set In Stone

Jun 5, 2014: Nick starts out as a nerdy teenager, who has issues with jocks. That was, ah, quite a few years ago, real time. Now Nick is a nerdy teenager who has recently started college and left his girlfriend Haley back home.

Nick also happens to be the grandson of the original Rocket, and Haley is the granddaughter of the original Night Wolf. There are lots of other characters, major and minor, most of whom are teenagers. There are just enough middle age and elderly heroes (and villains) around to spice things up a bit and add some adult perspectives to the story, but it’s mostly based around teenage superheroes. How they perceive the world, how they interact with each other, and how they learn to fit in with the rest of the superhero community.

Even though the story has been going on since 2007, Nick still feels like a teenager. A nerdy teenager with a fascination with machines and electronics (Which makes a whole lot of sense, since he builds and repairs his own mechanical and electronic equipment), and a real need to learn to lead. He’s still growing up, and so is everyone around him. Unlike most superheroes in the comic books, He does grow commensurate with his age and experience. The old Nick is the same Nick from 2007, but he’s learned a lot, done a lot. He’s growing up, ever so slowly, and the readers get to see it.

Oh, did I mention aliens? Oh, and a god-like being that likes teaching people how to fight and play guitar? Better yet, these things fit.

Jim is writing something here that feels, to me, to be a good representation of teenage super teams in the silver/bronze age of comics.

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