The Consequences of Growing Up the Grandson of a Superhero

By M.C.A. Hogarth, author of Earthrise

Nov 30, 2012: So I’m not a fan of the superhero genre, and not really reading YA fiction either, and yet . . . I really liked this book. I liked it for being an examination of the consequences of growing up the grandson of a famous vigilante; I liked it for being honest about the implication of superheros actually -being- vigilantes (in contrast to the existing justice system). I liked the narrator’s reluctance about the whole thing, and his ambivalence about what it’s done to his parents and what his role is and should be. And I liked how grounded the narrative was and how believable the kids. I really cared about Nick; I’m glad I got to watch him struggle with issues of responsibility that someone his age really shouldn’t have to.

In short, it was worth reading. I’m glad I did!

Note: this book also has a bonus short story at the back about Nick’s grandfather . . . it’s not introduced as a short story so for a moment I thought it was a flashback! But it’s not. The book ends properly before that, and then this is a peek into the past and how Things Came to Be.

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