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The Lifting of the Veil by Chris Tejeda


As most of the world is destroyed and nothing remains to fight for, Thomas Hayward leads a group of survivors against the forces that now populate Earth. Desperately, against a toxic land and a soulless enemy, he tries to lead them toward the one location that may hold answers—the final resting place of the Roswell ’47 crash saucer and its crew.

Michael Livingston has to cross thousands of miles of land and water to find his brother Robert, but, unaware that his brother may hold the final key to the survival of the human race, his journey ends before it starts. His capture begins his true journey into despair and fear . . . and flickering hope.

Neither knows the depth of the evil that has been visited upon them—nor the futility of their quests.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Sep 30, 2008


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Editorial Reviews

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By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Nov 16, 2008: The Lifting of the Veil feels very slow because the the characters are "explained" with references to their past and internal thoughts that don’t really create conflict or drive the plot forward. In other words, the beginning just doesn’t provide a lot of impetus to continue reading. This is especially problematic because LotV has a lot of characters, all of which have their introductory chapters and internal musings/setting explained.

The many characters also made it rather difficult to get into the story, especially since each character had a "turn" and, even if something actiony happened, it wouldn’t be resolved until it was the character’s turn. This structure made it very difficult for me to immerse myself into the story.

It was also difficult to suspend my belief at some points in the story. The relatively new-on-the-scene president is elected because the citizens are voting out incumbents in droves. I know this is a story and not the real US of A (and that this is probably my Pol Sci class rearing its dry and boring head), but that just wouldn’t/doesn’t happen. It really isn’t a major point of the story, but it just really bugged me. Also, when the impending doom comes extremely nigh, the government decides not to notify its citizens. This is unbelievable to me, and I don’t feel much sympathy for a president who would not lead the country in such a time of crisis.

The writing is neither bad nor outstanding, but it becomes especially vivid and intense when the crisis strikes. At times the prose is dry and very technical, which sometimes becomes tedious. There are also some past to present tense changes which are rather off putting.

If apocalyptic fiction is the water that floats your boat, you’ll probably enjoy this story.

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Has Potential

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Nov 26, 2008: With 19 chapters at the time of this review, the author has set the scene well for what could be a great story. The tension is building and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.

I like most of the characters and there are a couple that could become favourites. The author has a dry sense of humour which shines through and helps to lighten the heavy subject of a post-apocalyptic world.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Nice build-up of tension

By qatesiurade, member

Feb 23, 2009: At bottom so far this is kind of a mystery story, reminding me at times of Greg Bear’s THE FORGE OF GOD in its build-up of dread towards an unknown destruction. What’s going on? Why? What can be done? Who’s at fault? I’m almost to the end of the first "part" and it’s still a mystery, which I dig a lot.

Yes, there are problems with tense shifts, but those are easily fixable and the author is in the process of [more . . .]

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An uphill read with a beautiful view…

By eikasia, author of Akumu Love Panic!

Dec 9, 2008: I visited this site using Opera 9.6 and experienced no problems. The color scheme is very nice, and the layout extremely simple and straightforward. Every chapter is accompanied with beautiful artwork, and you can find information about the artists on the main page. What I can appreciate most is the ease of navigation—some sites will have me hunting around to find chapters. Thankfully, this site is nothing like that.

The writing itself is very well-informed and descriptive. There are moments when [more . . .]

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By Thomas, member

Dec 17, 2008: I’ve not been this interested in a blog serial novel since the David Wellington series. I would preferred to have discovered this after it was complete since I finish each chapter wanting more. Great start!

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