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By Tahjir, member

Apr 9, 2009: The Lighthouse Chronicles tells the story of a teenage girl named Max that hears a voice that guides her in a quest to save herself. At the time of review, the story is 20 odd chapters in.

The idea behind the story itself is interesting, and one I’ve not seen before. Though it’s not far along yet, it could build into something epic and complex, given time.

The main character seems a bit.. odd. She alternates between being catty, naive, and confident. Sometimes all three at once. Intentional, maybe, as she does seem to come across as a very defensive person. Then again, she is a teenage girl.

The supernatural element is only slightly touched upon so far, and has yet to build into anything definable. However, hints of a complex back story do peek through, so this might just be a slow build up.

The story itself has clearly been well polished. No unsightly spelling/grammar errors to be seen, and the layout is simple and aimed solely at telling the story.

I think The Lighthouse Chronicles is off to a good start. The story, while a little odd at first, is interesting, and could go all sorts of places.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a unique, mysterious YA story. While the supernatural elements are still mostly unshown, the rest is good enough to warrant a read.

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