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The Lightning Brigade by Burkion

At the cost of all you love, ignite your soul! Fight, Lightning Brigade! 

Most people have problems with their parents. Anna had it worse than most, with her mother being the most powerful super-being on the planet. At least, until Anna awoke her own power. Joined by Jordan and Rick, peers with powers similar to her own, the three set out to fight the ills of the world.

Rebecca seeks to shield them, the Supreme United Nations wants to weaponize them, and sinister alien intellects seek to control them. The Lightning Brigade want none of it. They fight for humanity, against the unseen horrors lurking beneath the surface and the monsters that await beyond the stars. Manipulators and deceivers on all sides, Anna, Jordan and Rick find they only have each other to trust. This is the start of their story. Join them, won’t you?

Note: The Lightning Brigade contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Jul 15, 2019


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