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Hero with a Heart of Lead, or Villain with a Heart of Gold?

By August Mack, author of Project Redemption

May 23, 2011: This is turning out to be an incredibly enjoyable read. When I first started it, I came in expecting only one thing: action. Quite frankly, "The List" struck me as little more than one frenetic, high-speed fight scene after the other. However, as I flung through the chapters (reading them doesn’t give the full effect of just how action-packed this is), I realized that a larger plot arc revolving around the assassination of a team of super heroes was beginning to form. Better yet, I was beginning to see a supporting cast coalesce around our protagonist during the fourth and fifth chapters.

I appreciate the fact that it’s not all just action, but let’s be honest here: if you’re not interested in the action scenes, you probably shouldn’t read this series. As we are told in the opening blurb, the protagonist— Levi Cole— is in the business of "super hero assassination." Pretty much every chapter centers around him killing a super hero in a gruesome, though entertaining and innovative, manner. Luckily it doesn’t get old and I’m often surprised at the methods Levi Cole uses to kill some of his targets.

However, if you’re easily offended by violence or ethical mis-steps, this series is clearly not for you. Levi Cole is so bad, I wouldn’t even call him an anti-hero. I’d be more inclined to call him an "anti-villain." He’s definitely a villain, but he has moments of compassion that can easily serve to throw the reader off balance.

And that’s what this series does best: it constantly throws me off balance, leading to many pleasant surprises.

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