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The London Archaeologist by Rupert Waldron


The credit crunch building slump has caused the number of London archaeological sites to dry up, leaving time on the Archaeologist’s hands to start to notice unsuspected things in the world around him. There are people, groups of people, beings of some sort, living among the general populace, but with something different about them: are they some sort of deity? Do they live in another kind of time, or a different kind of space? The Archaeologist turns his camera on them and sets up a blog to register and record. As he posts, he considers his past, times before the archaeology, an early love. Meanwhile, a freelance shop window design consultant, also suffering a dearth of paid hours, has been noticing things in her extra downtime, too. Something seems to happen to spaces, or things within them. She at first compares this to the street as a whole taking on the quality of props in a window, the window opening out, but the phenomenon needs more investigation. She, too, begins a blog, supporting her finds with photographs and asides on her husband, and, long ago, another man. At some point, both training a camera on a Charing Cross Road shop front, they meet. They were, in fact, the lovers from years before. Finding out about each others’ blogs, sensing that perhaps they’re tracking the same phenomenon, might have a better chance of identifying it together, they decide to combine forces.

Note: The London Archaeologist is unfinished, with no recent updates.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Jul 29, 2009


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Beautiful London through a (badly) shattered mirror.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Aug 7, 2016: The Good: The prose in the story can at times be genuinely beautiful, with some very literary and poetic turns of phrase. Quite a few sentences caught my attention with the care of their crafting and tone. The photographs of London that accompany the fiction are often striking, and I like the idea of having a contemporary fiction piece be accompanied by photographs.

The Bad: That’s about all there is good to say about it. The plot is disjointed and entirely incoherent. Sentences run on, and on, and . . . wow, do they ever run on. Prose is passive and uninteresting, and at no point do I, as a reader, feel compelled to move on to the next line or paragraph or chapter except as an obligation to this review.

The Ugly: The site is difficult to navigate and really doesn’t offer any convenient or meaningful way of flowing from chapter to chapter.

1.5 stars out of 5.

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