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New Story, New Humans

By Walter, author of The Fifth Defiance

Feb 7, 2018: The New Humans tells the story of a world like ours, save that people with superpowers exist, and one of them ‘ended’ the Cold War.

The Good:

This story is well written. The author’s prose is engaging and descriptive. It evinces a wry sense of humor which keeps the faintly horrific subject matter (children abused for their talents) from overwhelming the story with bleakness.

The author’s recurring use of ‘footnotes’ to add jokes to otherwise dry narration sets up a delightful ‘one-two’ for most punchlines. You chuckle at the witticism, then at the end of the update there is another joke based off it, in the same way that a lot of comics use tooltips.

The entries are satisfyingly long, each of them substantive without stretching interminably. The author makes long updates work in a way that few pull off.

The child characters are also reassuringly human, rather than being simply miniature adults. Their adult caretakers are reliably bewildered by their charges in a way that is deeply familiar to anyone who has been routinely pressed into service as a babysitter by a relative whose children are a bit of a handful.

The Bad:

The main characters are fundamentally passive. They don’t ‘want’ anything other than for their present, markedly improved, circumstances to continue. Things only happen when the outside world acts upon them, whereupon their objective is to get through this disruption and return to the status quo.

This is, of course, an understandable state of mind for children to have, but it runs directly counter to the reader’s sympathies, which are always to discover more about the world, more about the plot.


Read this story if you like joy. It is a worthwhile use of your time.

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