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Growing in Love

By Von, member

Aug 24, 2011: I think I would have rated this story at least a four just for the fact that the main characters wait until they are married to have sex, but the rest of the plot adds to the entire effect. I leave out the last 0.5 only because the writing is rather shallow.

This story is a nice contrast to pretty much everything you read nowadays in that, in this story, the main characters don’t just do what ‘makes them happy’ but what makes other people happy, fulfilling their role in society.

The antithesis character is the wife of the protagonists brother. Largely off-stage she is everything that the main character isn’t. She gets herself a strong, handsome, husband, and proceeds to act as if her life was over, as if she was owed a living.

Our heroine, on the other hand, overcomes obstacle after obstacle . . . including an overprotective mother, her own fears, and stroke after stroke of outrageous fortune.

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