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Must Love Paranoid Murderers

By Billy Higgins Peery, author of A Bad Idea

Jun 27, 2015: Imagine, if you will, a typical rom com, wherein socially-awkward man meets socially-awkward woman. The former’s a lil crazy, the latter a nearly-starving artist.

Now imagine that the man has a voice in his head (I like to imagine that the voice is Nicolas Cage, because he’s just about the right level of insane for this insane serial. But you can choose whatever voice you want to). Also imagine that this voice helps the man become a killing machine—a machine that can kill the many Agents who are coming after him, for some mysterious reason.

The woman is afraid that the man’s going to kill her, but there’s a spark of something else, isn’t there? A spark of feeling, of passion? The passion is really for Starbucks (or this serial’s ersatz version of Starbucks, Pequods), but maybe there’s room for a second love?

This incredibly bizarre idea—of a rom com that you might expect to come beamed from outer space—forms the basis of The Other Kind of Roommate.

My only qualm is that the serial feels a bit messy for the first couple chapters. POV-switching is always hard to get right in the beginning, and the transition from first chapter to second is a bit jarring. We’ve got mysterious agents, a bunch of canvasses that need to get painted, a truly-worrying obsession with coffee, and it just takes the first couple chapters for everything to settle down and make sense.

Still, I feel pretty comfortable with the idea of recommending this serial. It’s not for everyone, but the literary style, offbeat humor, and intriguing mystery make for a good read.

Disclaimer: This was written as part of a review challenge. For more information, read here:

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