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The Quest of Sir Cadagon by The Naive Student


This is a story of the Quest of Sir Cadagon. Based on the painting from Harry Potter (Sir Cadogan), it is the struggle of a knight and his fat pony traveling through world famous paintings. They search for their Painter, in order to find their purpose in life. The plot develops, it is voted by the readers.

Note: The Quest of Sir Cadagon contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically

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Listed: May 24, 2009


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A Magic Paintbrush

By Von, member

Dec 10, 2009: The Quest of Sir Cadagon has a fascinating concept, of a painting who travels by magic paintbrush. OK, you have to be there.

Unfortunately the book is one of those, ‘you tell the story’ books, and I think that one has to be really, really good to write a ‘you choose’ it book. So far, I am not dramatically impressed. The writing is good, but the stress of having to choose each new section really puts a strain on anything like plot or tension.

The synopsis speaks of graphic this and graphic that, but there is none of that (For which I am thankful) in the story so far, just good clean fun.

I haven’t rated this yet, as there really isn’t enough there for me to be able to tell whether the author rises above the ‘you choose it’ genre difficulties. Oh, and the navigation is a bit difficult.

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