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The Scarlet Jane Files by Kody Boye

When evil comes knocking, Hunters answer the call. 

Scarlet Jane Lived an ordinary life. A star athlete and a straight-A student with a promising future, she seemed to have it all—until her mother was murdered by a monster. But when a kind stranger appears to offer her a chance to avenge her mother, Scarlet will discover that there’s a whole secret underbelly of the modern world: one with monsters of all shapes and sizes.

Note: The Scarlet Jane Files contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Sep 17, 2019


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Fast and Fun

By Clement Wethers, member

Oct 2, 2019: I have read the first four parts of The Scarlet Jane Files, and I can honestly say that I am enjoying my time so far and intend to continue. The author’s writing is fast and easy to consume, and I found myself flying through the text. There is always something interesting to pull you forward.

That said, beside the inciting incident (alluded to in the blurb), nothing that I didn’t expect going in has happened so far. For that reason, and the occasional piece of awkward grammar, I feel confident in giving it four out of five stars.

Check it out if you are at all interested in Urban Fantasy coming-of-age stories. There are vampires. Maybe.

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