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The Shadow of the Sun by Sarah Kelly


Emily enters her senior year of high school expecting to keep her head down long enough to graduate and move away. In a country where being different can result in institutionalization or death, Emily believes she has no choice but to keep her orientation a secret.

Emily learns to accept herself right before learning something else: the world is on a timer, and hiding could very well result in the death of everything and everyone she’s ever loved.

Note: The Shadow of the Sun contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating sporadically

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Listed: Mar 23, 2015


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1984 for Young Adults

By lovelyladyjane, author of The Human Element

Mar 24, 2015: Emily’s telling of her story is possibly one of the most compelling things I’ve ever read. The scene’s set with a flashback prologue that, while a little clunky in its storytelling, does a great job of piquing the reader’s interest. I felt drawn in from the beginning.

The story starts off a little slow; but I think that actually works for it. I got to know the characters within the first few chapters, which made the issues they deal with all [more . . .]

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Rise of a Revolt

By J.A. Waters, author of From the Moon: Home

Apr 25, 2015: If someone were to time-jump just half a century into the future, then Shadow of the Sun might be a record of that timeline. The author pulls together the world we currently live in and begins extrapolating forward with eerie results. What the reader finds is a setting that feels current yet darker and with subtle hints of a possible future. Between interesting technology ideas and stifling rules, this story makes for an invigorating read.

Told from a first-person perspective, Shadow [more . . .]

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