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The Shadows of Sicily by April Raines

Sex, Lies, and Vampires ... in Roman times. 

There are three of us. One lost everything and was born again into the night. The second was already a lady of the night when it embraced her. The third feeds on darkness and delivers anger and death.

We three disparate Shadows can only fight each other, until a larger threat looms; the threat of Rome. Together we will turn Rome from the light and make it face it’s Shadow.

Note: The Shadows of Sicily is unfinished, and will likely remain so.  It contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some graphic sexual content and harsh language.

An abandoned novel

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Listed: May 7, 2009


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No title

By Sora, member

May 14, 2009: Summary: After the betrayal of his best friend and his wife, Demetri goes into a rage and kills the one person that he loved the most. Now years later, he has been changed by the Shadows, acquired a new identity, and is now out for vengeance.

Likes: The writing is pretty solid. There is a lot of gore, which I thoroughly enjoy, however it gets to be a little bit too much for me at some parts (if you read this, [more . . .]

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Not quite what I expected

By Janoda, member

May 13, 2009: I have to admit I have slightly mixed feelings about The Shadows of Sicily. I thought it was some kind of historical fiction, and as an archaeology student that immediately got my interest. However, in Chapter 4 I finally got what the Shadows really were, and though I liked the fact I was surprised, I’m not quite sure I like where the story is going, just because it isn’t quite my genre.

Anyway, plot and character-wise the story so far is [more . . .]

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