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Too good for a slush pile!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 22, 2017: The Slush Pile is a collection of about 35 short stories, most science fiction or futuristic, with a fair sprinkling of horror, urban fantasy, and real life. It’s not always clear which of these a story is going to be when you start reading it, so I recommend you pick randomly from the table of contents rather than "Browse by Genre" to avoid spoilers!

These are the best kind of short stories, because they drop you right into an interesting scene or conversation, giving you enough information to paint a vivid picture of whatever it may be – life on a space station, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a young girl entering a haunted house on a dare – while clues as to the true nature of the setting and the characters keep unrfolding as you read, until often the light comes on in a blast at the end. Addictive and enthralling tales!

The latest additions to the site are comics rather than stories, but just click on Table of Contents to see the story list.

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