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Gritty war story with a hint of something more.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Oct 12, 2014: I am greatly enjoying Solstice War, but I have to start out saying. Things and people get shot, blown up, and covered in gore. This is like watching stock war footage of combat.

That said, it’s well written stock footage. Designations and descriptions of equipment help accentuate the setting, rather than overrunning the scene as so many military fictions have done. An alternate history of sorts, the technology of the day is very World War two, the warfare mortar and trench. Several different people on both sides of the main conflict are followed here and there, with a bit of foreshadowing slowly pushing them together.

And that foreshadowing is where it starts to get interesting. In what appears to be a completely scientific, non paranormal world, SOMETHING is being hinted at in the background, some other force or fate is bringing people together.

In an interesting reversal, their is a bit of a WWII Communist vs capitalist plot going, but the Communists are truely receptive and open, giving everyone a fair shake, and played as the good guys while the Capitalists are an amalgam of Nazi Germany and the American Military Industrial complex, and aligned very much as the villains. Its a different view of the two beliefs that both adds and distracts from the story.

All in all, its an enjoyable read of the type you simply don’t often find in a web serial format. If you like explosions, tactics, soldiers fighting for a common cause, read it!

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