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The Soulreaper Chronicles by James Monaghan

Murder, mystery and magic in a world teetering on the edge 

The British Isles, the 16th century.

Decades ago, the fae returned to the mortal world. Released by a coven of magicians after centuries of imprisonment, they swept across the British Isles, covering the land with a tangled forest of enchanted trees. Cities fell. Thousands died. Only a handful of cities were saved.

Years later, the people of the Isles have grown used to this new way of life. Many have been Touched by the magic, transformed into creatures half-mortal, half-fae.

Daniel Therwood is one of those. Cursed with the hands of a reaper, he gained the ability to steal the souls of anyone he touched. After years working as an assassin, he now works as a thieftaker, tracking murderers through the Seven Cities that survived. He is convinced that his old life is behind him.

Until one night he wakes up to find a body in his bed . . . 

From the shifting decks of the Dregs to the heights of the royal court, Daniel finds himself caught up in an ever more complicated web of deceit, treachery and death.

Note: The Soulreaper Chronicles is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Oct 17, 2010


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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Oct 17, 2010: The first chapter introduces a hero who is suffering from a headache brought on by both the voices in his head, and the ale he drank the night before to drown out those same voices. He’s a bit more hang-back than stalwart but then his abilities don’t seem to make him popular.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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Thieftakers & Faeries in a dark renaissance world…

By Pietroschek, member

May 8, 2016: A worthy reading with atmosphere & interesting characters. Somewhere between a Warhammer Fantasy Witchhunter & Solomon Kane I would hint to roleplayers.

The first French author, whom I have read in a decade, came as a positive surprise and in full book length! Thanks to James Monaghan for sharing this freely.

The prose is easy to understand, detailed enough to imagine the scenes, and the chapters are kept short, so the [more . . .]

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Leaves you wanting more…

By eikasia, author of Akumu Love Panic!

Oct 26, 2010: I decided to give The Soulreaper Chronicles a try as it was in keeping with much of the material I’ve been reading as of late. The promise of fae, or magical beings, also caught my eye. And as I started reading, I found there was much enjoyment to be had.

The following is just a brief summary of my first read, and all of this information is given either in the synopsis here on WFG or the story’s first chapter. If [more . . .]

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