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Thieftakers & Faeries in a dark renaissance world…

By Pietroschek, member

May 8, 2016: A worthy reading with atmosphere & interesting characters. Somewhere between a Warhammer Fantasy Witchhunter & Solomon Kane I would hint to roleplayers.

The first French author, whom I have read in a decade, came as a positive surprise and in full book length! Thanks to James Monaghan for sharing this freely.

The prose is easy to understand, detailed enough to imagine the scenes, and the chapters are kept short, so the flow never stagnates nor does boredom overwhelm us readers.

The protagonist works for the Thieftakers guild at start, and has his own familial secret to hide from all the world. Villainy and Betrayal lurk in the world his profession has to investigate, and the political demands of arranging with the wishes of superiors are just one more mature streak to the fiction we get!

A really interesting fantasy fiction, and sure some less cute faeries along with it! 😉

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