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The Strange by Patrick Lewis

When the Superpowers come back, things get Strange. 

The Strange is the story of Goldberg on a summer day when Sex, Murder, Cash Windfalls, Death, Explosions, Crime, and Superpowers run rampant in his normally weird and sleepy home town. The thing is, Goldberg wants nothing more than to hang out with his friends and generally disappear. That’s a tall order for the luckiest man alive when your face is on the front page, you should be (but aren’t) wanted by the cops, and are chased by deadly trouble at every turn. Will Goldberg address his drifting life? Will his friend Dan be a help or a hinderance? Will the fetching Winter twins determine who is the fairest of them all? Will Teague London, star Tight End find his karma? Can Molly overcome the destruction of her house and finally find a home before freshman year starts? And most important of all, who is packing the bong? When superpowered slackers bump up against the world’s most organized crime boss and a world rediscovering its superpowered past Things Will Get Strange.

Note: The Strange contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Apr 2, 2017


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