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The Tales of Paul Twister by Anthony Peers

The misadventures of a guy from Earth, stuck in a fantasy world 

An ordinary geek from modern-day Earth finds himself suddenly transported to a fantasy world where magic is real, and then discovers that he has the ability to break magic with a touch. Because his modern upbringing leaves him with very little in the way of relevant skills for a low-tech world, he becomes a mercenary thief who specializes in stealing things protected by magic, all the while trying to find some way to make something more of himself . . . and maybe find a way back home.

Note: The Tales of Paul Twister contains some harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically

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Listed: Nov 7, 2015


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Awesome story, needs moar updates!

By bobfrank, member

Nov 7, 2015: I’ve been following The Tales of Paul Twister for a couple years now, and when I found out about Web Fiction Guide I decided to submit it, because it’s a great serial that deserves wider exposure.

The protagonist is a college student from modern-day America who one day suddenly found himself transported from his home in Seattle to the middle of nowhere in a fantasy world, with no real explanation provided about how or why it happened. The story opens about 10 years later, after he’s had some time to get settled in. Somewhere along the way, he’s discovered that he has a (apparently unique) ability that he calls the Twist: he breaks magic with a touch. Unfortunately, being from modern-day Earth means he has no relevant skills in a medieval-era setting, and this is where the story really shines.

You’ve probably seen "stuck in another world" stories before where our brilliant protagonist sets about establishing technology and single-handedly dragging his new home into the modern age. Thing is, Paul can’t do that, because he’s a college kid from the 21st century. All the technology he’s familiar with is built upon hundreds of years of progress in more basic technologies, and he doesn’t actually know how the fundamentals work. (You know, like a real college kid from the 21st century.) He does want to help improve science, but since he has only some very vague ideas about general principles, he has to get actual local scholars and engineers to help out.

Meanwhile, he has to support himself, and with no useful skills and not much in the way of contacts or friends, the only marketable thing he has is the Twist, so by necessity he works as a mercenary thief, stealing things that are protected by magic and trying not to get screwed over too badly by his employers.

The plot really gets kicked off by two incidents: Paul being hired to break a magical seal on a simple job that goes unexpectedly awry and ends with him needing to find another job, then finding out that there’s someone else out there who’s from Earth and is stuck here in this world. From there, things rapidly snowball out of control until he finds himself caught in the middle of a power struggle between dragons, angels and wizards, with the fate of more than one world hanging in the balance.

The story’s divided into novel-length books, with the first two complete and a third in progress, probably around 75% of the way done. It’s definitely worth reading, and the only really bad thing is that it doesn’t update often enough!

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