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The Undeniable Labyrinth by A. A. Roi

Book 1 of The Promethead 

A post-apocalyptic space opera.

Note: The Undeniable Labyrinth contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jun 30, 2011


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Look no further if looking for scifi reads.

By TimNoel, author of Chrysalis Experiment

May 30, 2015: Review for Parts 1-2, or the first 29 chapters. This web novel is complete and is composed of 130 chapters.

Story: A gloomy and love-lost air hovers over the plot in a setting of crumbling worlds and decrepit technology of ages past. But there is a tangible apprehension of action, adventure, and jolly old outer space swashbuckling just around the corner. I suspect romance will come in to play soon, which I dread it’s potential clichés, but won’t knock it until I read it.

Style: Undeniable Labyrinth is a scifi adventure story, and fulfills its genre exactly. Chapters are bite sized and great for quick moments to sit down and read. The first chapter is jarring with its use of flow of thought paragraph, though it does make sense plot-wise and thankfully they peter out by chapter 3. Flow of thought is not a bad method, but it came a little heavy in the first chapter (but again, for clear plot reasons.)

Characters: Althea, Traejan, and Ryso (and maybe Dorian? Not sure what "it" is exactly) are the only characters thus far. Each are growing into unique characters, Ryso is hopeful, Traejan is cynical from a past of pain, Althea is determined, and Dorian . . . is Dorian I guess? Their interactions have been well explored and are gradually built upon in fascinating ways.

Artistry: Perhaps one thing I like the most, but is not necessarily a plus to the experience as a whole is that descriptions and scene-prep is very light, forcing the reader to use their mind’s eye quite much. Roi’s descriptive powers are very concise, doing no more than is necessary to keep the plot moving. This way the author avoids many of the traps that can snag a narrative.

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