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Absolutely Amazing

By caerulex, author of Apex Predator

Jun 11, 2017: I’ve been reading this on the author’s blog for a while now. Imagine my surprise when I just came across the fiction on this site. There have been times when I’ve refresh-spammed the author’s blog on release dates because I’ve been desperate to read more.

What is the story about?

Erik is a prince. He isn’t perfect, and has some seriously messed up relationships with people around him. At this point, we’re still trying to figure out the mess of his life.

As is described in the author’s description of the fiction, Erik is a cultivator who suddenly awakens a monstrous power. This isn’t a pretty power. It’s a power that can easily lead to insanity, a ferocious, savage power.

Part of the beauty of this work is that it sets out to explore how Erik is warped by his power. The author expertly shows us Erik’s mental state through his interactions with the world and the people around him. At the same time, the author’s world building is excellent and paints a picture of a world both strange and fascinating.

Upon hearing that this novel is about a society of cultivators, you might assume that the book is like wuxia/xianxia novels. Wrong! The book reads like a normal action novel, not at all like a typical cultivator novel. We never see characters do typical cultivator-y things i.e. go into extended seclusion, or develop "secret master techniques" in solitude. No, this book is far more dynamic and original, with its narrative style and finesse leagues beyond typical cultivator novels.

Essentially . . . I can’t recommend it more than enough! Anybody (whether or not they like wuxia/xianxia/etc.) who likes a good action novel with disturbed and well fleshed-out characters and superb world-building should give this a shot!

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