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A Rich Fantasy Story

By thelonewanderer, author of The Open Road

Jul 22, 2017: that is what it gives such weight to the story. To the setting, the magic system, the politics, its characters and their inexplicable motivations. It feels thick, a thing to relish, something to sink your teeth into. (Like Erik is kept being told to).

But there are times when the story stumbles, when one scene transitions to the next, especially in the opening arcs. The timeskips, both back and forward, are not very clearly explained and sometimes you have go back and forth to figure out what is happening. And sometimes the feeling of weight to the story becomes a little too much. It feels like too much packed into too little time. It is probably here, with the narrative arc of story where the story feels weakest. We spend too much time in dream sequences, or jumping from one plotpoint to another without adequate conclusion.

One of the most interesting parts of story was Erik’s conflict with the monster trapped inside him. This is probably a repetitive plot element in most fantasy stories, but this is one that I am personally biased to, so I loved it here. It’s probably not a very different take, but there is a feeling of consequence to way Erik’s life has been changed. It’s not just a prop for the protagonist but a real problem. And boy’s he already got more than his share of them.

The other thing that shone about the story was the world building – it’s heady mix of different influences. I could taste traditional fantasy(I’ve seen another review call this High Fantasy, though I am not sure), some wuxia by the way of the magic system, and deep streaks of grimdark added in, and a dash of Norse Myth . . . and well, doesn’t that intrigue you already? And you’re always left wanting more – there are no weighty expositions, most of it is explained as it becomes relevant to the characters and never before. And despite almost fifty chapters in, there’s a lot still left unexplored. This is probably the part of the story that shines brightest.

I recommend this story very highly. This story has a lot of heart. The amount of effort put in by the writer shows with every word. It deserves to be read. Go ahead and read it right now. It’s worthy of your time.

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