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Living Lore

By Shaeor, author of Chosen Shackles

Sep 30, 2016: This story of kaleidoscopic perspective is, in my opinion, excellent fantasy. The Vorrgistadt Saga is very intellectually engaging writing. Its flow is intentful and the writing is verbose. The very first page is a selection of in-world writing which predicts, in abstract terms, an apocalypse. The site itself is nice, and navigation is pretty good. The writing is available on Royal Roads Legend in shorter chapters – in case long chapters is an issue for you.

The first true chapter is itself a short story which received accolades. I won’t spoil anything, but it features wonderful descriptives of an eldritch being giving visions through time. Very interesting writing. It is around 17 thousand words long, which is a LOT of reading on one page, even with scene navigation. The chapters tend to be around 5-6 thousand, I believe. On RRL, they are broken up, so that solves the problem if you are willing to navigate over there.

The world building is first class! Like you’d expect from a professional fantasy novel. I really enjoyed the names and gods and prophecy. There’s a plot boiling up, from the first few chapters. I can’t guess at what it may be, yet.

The vibe of this work is Tolkienesque. Very visually engaging of the mind’s eye. I’m loving the world building. It’s top notch and consistent.

The one possible con: It’s heavy reading. The title gives you the first glimpse of this, in that you will be introduced to quite a few non-English words (wasn’t a problem for me). The descriptives, grammatically polished, are thick. There is some exposition but it was implemented well and I enjoyed it. The only times I lagged (granted, my attention span has been short) was during some of the long descriptions.

A number of characters are followed and introduced in rapid succession. The author does plan to have a single protagonist, so I’m pleased with the amount of set-up which could launch the plot. The quality trend looks bright and I’m betting on an epic.

Overall, I think the number of people this would appeal to is very good. It’s polished, well-written, and takes its time. If you find yourself reading this, you’ll get something from giving it a try. Go ahead. 4 out of 5 stars.

[Disclaimer: The author of this work gave me a rather beautiful review. I’ve tried to maintain objectivity. You’ll have to see for yourself if I have.]

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