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Left me Speechless.

By Typist Kid, author of The Zone

Mar 31, 2018: Disclaimer: This review was done as part of a review swap.

For the reader:

Alright. I’ll tell you my first impressions. I didn’t understand the synopsis, so I ignored it and decided to jump into the story. The first few chapters were hard to get through. I’ll admit, this is partly because of the mindset I entered this story with. That is, to pick it apart and look at it as a chart of flaws and perks rather than enjoy the story. That’s pretty much what happens whenever I agree to a review.

They were hard to get through, yes, but satisfying. Distinct. The characters are done almost flawlessly.

It’s a dark themed world. If you’re looking for sunshine and rainbows, then I turn you away. That being said, I enjoyed the theme.

I’ll admit, I was bit skeptic of all the good reviews the story has gotten. Now I know it completely deserves those reviews.

How? It evoked a lot of strong emotions within me. Usually, I’m uncaring about most characters in a story, here though, I’m surprised at my outrage, sadness, and pain at one of the character’s deaths.

To the Author:

Here’s my advice: In the first . . . two? Three chapters, simplify. Take the same prose, and make it more direct. I’m not sure if others had the same problem however-it might just be a thing with me. I pretty much don’t care about this issue any longer as I’ve read deeper into the story, but this could be a deterrent for new readers. However, it also works as an excellent filter, as anyone that reads past it is sure to stick around.

The grammar? Flawless. There are a couple typos here and there, but that’s always a thing. Most I saw were three typos in a chapter, and they’re nearly invisible. I only saw them because I was scanning rather than skimming. I don’t have anything to say here.

Style? Again, I don’t have anything to tell you there. You’re all set.

Story? Same thing.

Characters? I enjoyed all of them, though I would prefer a little extra depth in a couple characters. But other than that, all set.

Overall? 5 stars. I would 4.78 if I could, but I couldn’t, so I went for a full 5. I shall add this story to my favorites. Thanks for writing such an amazing piece of work!

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