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The Wandering Inn by pirateaba


An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.

Note: The Wandering Inn contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Dec 12, 2016


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By Jester0fDeath, member

Apr 24, 2017: This story is somewhat worth a look. First off, I’ve only read 11 chapters so far and I don’t plan to continue. I can see its appeal. An inn in a fantasy world is a fun idea and the main character could be seen as comedic. I still look forward to exploring the world the main character was dropped in between necromancers and insect guards.

However, I have two reasons for not continuing. I never really got invested in the main character and I have a pet peeve against humans forcing their sensibilities onto other societies. I feel like everything is out of the main character’s hands and that she has no control. As for the second point, I find attempting to push your sensibilities onto other people at risk of the other people’s lives unforgivable. Perhaps punishment doesn’t match the lighthearted tone of the story, but I can’t stand it.

In the end, the story is not for me, but I suggest you take a look if you don’t have other stories to check out.

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