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By Jester0fDeath, member

Apr 24, 2017: This story is somewhat worth a look. First off, I’ve only read 11 chapters so far and I don’t plan to continue. I can see its appeal. An inn in a fantasy world is a fun idea and the main character could be seen as comedic. I still look forward to exploring the world the main character was dropped in between necromancers and insect guards.

However, I have two reasons for not continuing. I never really got invested in the main character and I have a pet peeve against humans forcing their sensibilities onto other societies. I feel like everything is out of the main character’s hands and that she has no control. As for the second point, I find attempting to push your sensibilities onto other people at risk of the other people’s lives unforgivable. Perhaps punishment doesn’t match the lighthearted tone of the story, but I can’t stand it.

In the end, the story is not for me, but I suggest you take a look if you don’t have other stories to check out.

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Wandering interest

By sunflowerofice, author of Technically Abroad

Sep 6, 2019: Alright I have currently read all of the first two volumes of this story so my opinions might change after I have read more, and yes i plan to read more and catch up and be someone who keeps up with how it is currently going.

That said here is my review. First i wanted to give it four and a quarter. I’m not sure why but four feels to low and four and a half feels to high. I can’t really verbalize why to well, but it just feels right saying that.

So lets get started. This is the story that focuses on Erin as a young lady who turned a corner and found herself in another world. When she gets there she has no king waiting for her, no god or goddess to gift her with powers and skills well beyond the rest and no book explaining how everything works in this world.

She finds her life and risk and runs for it and doesn’t stop til she finds an abandoned inn and cleans it up just a bit, not because of any big reason (not that i could think of one for this) but because its so filthy that she can’t even go to sleep and when she goes to sleep she gets a level! in being an [inkeeper]

That is one thing this world has. Levels skills and classes and she gains the inkeeping class.

The next five, not including this one, number of paragraphs will have various level of spoilers so if you dislike them skip appropriately.

Erin is just outside of a town that is filled with a lot of people, but not a single human. She doesn’t even meet another human for a long time. It is full of drakes, gnolls, and to a lesser degree antiniums which are.. . . . the best way to describe it i can think of quickly is bug people. The look more like bugs than people so less like furries i think . . . .

Anyway time goes on and she makes friends, she levels up and shakes a lot of things up to a large degree. She fights against a flesh thief, undead, goblins, and an annoying mage named pisces. and she always seems to come out just fine

She is a bit trusting and obliviuos and despite things, like goblins, trying to kill her she hates the idea of killing in a world much more kill or be killed than earth.

Because of this mindset where everyone should be saved, which im not saying is bad, she saves a thief who destroyed a lot of stuff who was banished from the town which was basically a death sentence. Since her inn was outside the town she took her in to work for her.

Because of this the gnolls basically put the crime from the thief onto her. Not really the best thing. And this is the only comparison i will use from another series and mostly because its so well known. the cultural things are very complex and interesting just like the character like how in harry potter (yes i know everyone compares stuff to this but sorry) how goblins and house elfs mindsets are so different than people.

The characters are very interesting as well. They have different thoughts, motivations, desires, likes and dislikes and so much more.

And the world doesn’t have plot armor. people die and so far don’t come back willy nilly easy peasy lemon squeezy. I hate when people can die and just walk back into the story after a week no matter what.

You also get to see the story from other peoples point of view not just erins.

This is great because it lets you see more of the world and more peoples point of view of things. Seeing the world from a locals pov vs a non locals can be dramatically different.

That said this is the only part i feel brings down my level of enjoyment. While having a lot of people you can read their pov you will have a favorite one and ones you look forward too. On the other side it means there will be people you are less likely to want to be the lead. That doesn’t mean anything bad about it it just means the character doesn’t click with you.

I have one such character. She started out as someone I enjoyed reading about, but lately i felt like I had to force myself to read it. Part of me was tempted to just look at the wiki and skip it but the story is to good to do that.

Many chapters have multiple points of view which is another reason. I am hoping i enjoy the character more in the future like I did when I first met her but like i said that is just my opinion not something you should take as a reason to think down on any level.

So in ending should you read it? Do you like fantasy stories with a bit of real world characterization? if yes than read it! if you just like fantasy in general read it. If you hate fantasy.. . . . then why are you looking at this review this far down? you must be curious so read it!

Sure if you are like me your excitement for each update will vary based on who the story focuses on, but you can always look forward to the next chapter starring the character you like best.

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Fun LitRPG, worth checking out

By SpiritWonder, member

Sep 17, 2018: I’ve enjoyed reading this for while now, I think it was the second web novel I got into after Worm. It has its ups and down but probably my favourite litRPG that I’ve read.

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