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By Jester0fDeath, member

Apr 24, 2017: This story is somewhat worth a look. First off, I’ve only read 11 chapters so far and I don’t plan to continue. I can see its appeal. An inn in a fantasy world is a fun idea and the main character could be seen as comedic. I still look forward to exploring the world the main character was dropped in between necromancers and insect guards.

However, I have two reasons for not continuing. I never really got invested in the main character and I have a pet peeve against humans forcing their sensibilities onto other societies. I feel like everything is out of the main character’s hands and that she has no control. As for the second point, I find attempting to push your sensibilities onto other people at risk of the other people’s lives unforgivable. Perhaps punishment doesn’t match the lighthearted tone of the story, but I can’t stand it.

In the end, the story is not for me, but I suggest you take a look if you don’t have other stories to check out.

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