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By trustworthy_puppy, member

May 4, 2017: The Wandering Inn starts like a great many webfics that spice up Portal Fantasy with the use of RPG tropes (skills, level ups, etc.).

You follow Erin as she is teleported in a fantasy world without any preparation, and tries as well she can to survive and create a new life in this place.

Fortunately for Erin, she finds refuge into an abandoned inn, and then meets several persons as strange as they are helpful (an Insect-like City guard and his Drake friend, among many others).

This makes for an easy discovery of its world, full of strange creatures (giant stone crabs!), and strange people living in society (from Drakes to Half-elves), as we see it through the eyes of the main character.

What separate this story from other webfics is the personality of its cast, which gives them depth and makes me care deeply for what’s happening to them. This is carried by the writing style of the author, which manages to translate moods and the atmosphere of scenes with great success. I couldn’t help but smile with Erin, be exasperated by Toren the skeleton, and tear up during dramatic scenes (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it). The worldbuilding is also quite engrossing, without imposing itself and slowing the pace of the story. I feel like this webfic is of the quality of many published books I’ve enjoyed (minus the typos that are usual for this publication format).

Contrary to Jester0fDeath’s review, I do not feel at all that humans in this story are forcing their values upon others. Erin establishes rules within her inn that corresponds to her past experiences and her values, but those stop at her door. On the contrary, I found that having a white girl as the minority and suffering from (slight) racial discrimination extremely interesting. Cultural exchanges are a part of further chapters in the story (see most notably the side story ‘Mating Rituals’ for a fun take on racial differences between Humans, Drakes and Gnolls).

I strongly recommend you give this story a try.

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