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feels like classic 70’s sci fi

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Sep 29, 2014: A spaceship crew, unusual technology that requires the human element to work, and a third person limited/unlimited viewpoint. YAY!

The beginning plot involves a merchant trader, soon to be caught in a web of interstellar intrigue and events. I’ve just started the series, but the writing is pretty solid, and the characters have my interest piqued. There are a few minor typos here and there which take away occasionally from the story, but the story and dialogue are well constructed and believable. Having caught up with the current story, I do have a few minor quibbles. The story seems to suffer from a bit of minor Mary Sue, in that things just always go right for the protagonist, even when they go wrong. Her, her crew, and her ship always get a BIT banged up and scuffed, but nothing they can’t repair. They are at the mercy of a large government, but when ordered to do things, those things and tasks align with their own goals quite nicely. There’s nothing WRONG with this, but I hope for some actual tension and danger later on in the story.

The story up to current could be see as an extended "getting the crew together" phase, so there is every likelyhood that the danger ramps up though. I’ll be reading, and hoping!

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