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Fast-Paced Space Opera

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jan 31, 2016: There were a number of things I enjoyed about reading this series. We follow the crew of a trader starship, the Whisper, and its crew. I enjoyed getting to know the crew and the captain, Amanpreet, but one of the most fun things for me was the author’s creativity in the alien species she weaves into the tale. I really enjoyed the way she revealed the details of each group’s appearance, climate requirements, and outlooks, and I had fun getting to know these people from such alien societies.

The author does a good job of keeping the story going at an action adventure pace, and it seems like Amanpreet and her crew are a bit of trouble magnets as they go from one place to another, but given some of the people they have on the crew and some of the things they end up doing, it made sense to me and added another layer of interest to the story.

The writing is to the point and generally well-edited. I’d recommend this story to anyone who appreciates space exploration sci-fi and who enjoys a fast-paced adventurous tale.

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