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The Wolf’s Will by Matthew Davison

Stay calm and stay alive 

Under werewolf law any person who fails to attend the reading of a will is judged to have no interest in the content, and anything they would have inherited is distributed among those who are present.

Its not a bad law, but it is quite easy to exploit.

When Greg learns that his rich uncle is dead he knows that it won’t be easy to get back; his uncle had a huge family and all of them would love to be the only one at the reading.

Enlisting the help of his gregarious chief Editor Tony Tony, Greg prepares for the long walk home.

If everything goes to plan then it will be a nice quiet trip.

Note: The Wolf’s Will contains some harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: May 2, 2009


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Raw Writing

By GreenGlass, member

May 17, 2009: This "book" is finished, but updates daily, so I just finished reading up to the latest chapter, 70. The author is plain about his inexperience and the fact that he just needed to get the story out there, and I think it’s important to keep that context in mind to read this work. Oh yes, and the werewolves in the story are background characters, more of a plot device than a developed race.

A whole bunch of simple typos are left [more . . .]

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A lot of carefree entertainment

By Eldoran, member

May 21, 2010: Well I’d say the two other reviews are correct. And if this is truly the result of a NaNoWriMo (see introduction), I’m really impressed. Of course there are several typos, phonetic errors (I mean like: wood – would) and some grammar errors, but for a draft it is good (I would have preferred a revised version though).

Its basically a wacky adventure around the world following the several groups involved. There is always something going on and most of it fits [more . . .]

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Cool Premise, Fun Read

By Janoda, member

May 12, 2009: I really liked The Wolf’s Will from reading the blurb on. The premise seemed original, and the writing-style seemed to fit my likings. I turned out to be right. From the first chapter, or scene as the author calls them, I was hooked.

The story itself is simple, Greg has to be at the reading of his Uncle’s will if he wants a share of it. Add a big competetitive family, a side-kick named Tony Tony, and you know you’re [more . . .]

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