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A lot of carefree entertainment

By Eldoran, member

May 21, 2010: Well I’d say the two other reviews are correct. And if this is truly the result of a NaNoWriMo (see introduction), I’m really impressed. Of course there are several typos, phonetic errors (I mean like: wood – would) and some grammar errors, but for a draft it is good (I would have preferred a revised version though).

Its basically a wacky adventure around the world following the several groups involved. There is always something going on and most of it fits surprisingly well together. Unfortunately, the final showdown is pretty much only held together with a few instances of a deus-ex-machina resolution. I suppose the writer couldn’t find a good resolution of the story threads due to the approaching time limit. A few other things are quite unusual – although a lot of fantasy stereotypes are mentioned, most have rather unusual properties. For example vampires seem to be rather immune to sunlight and don’t require blood . . . So while a lot of things are categorized like in a typical D&D setting, you can never assume even the most common properties of such things apply in this story (and it can take a lot of chapters until that is revealed). Last but not least, don’t overlook the footnotes, its the funniest part of the whole story.

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