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Raw Writing

By GreenGlass, member

May 17, 2009: This "book" is finished, but updates daily, so I just finished reading up to the latest chapter, 70. The author is plain about his inexperience and the fact that he just needed to get the story out there, and I think it’s important to keep that context in mind to read this work. Oh yes, and the werewolves in the story are background characters, more of a plot device than a developed race.

A whole bunch of simple typos are left in and although the story hangs together reasonably well, it really is a first draft and not a finished story. Aside from minor typos there are a bunch of little phrases left twisted around, excessive or overused metaphors and sayings, and I even remember disagreeing with several story telling points. Some of his favorite describing words come up too often.

For instance, the author describes one . . . Art was it? . . . one peripheral character as "slouching" on a couch, and then later . . . well a Werewolf Lord is "slouching" on a couch, when what he then describes is more of a "curled up on a couch." The world is well known enough by the author, but there is a lot of fluidity missing in how he tells this complicated and sometimes bizarre story.

Enjoy the wild ride if you want, but don’t expect anything polished or fancy. This is writing in the raw.

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