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Cool Premise, Fun Read

By Janoda, member

May 12, 2009: I really liked The Wolf’s Will from reading the blurb on. The premise seemed original, and the writing-style seemed to fit my likings. I turned out to be right. From the first chapter, or scene as the author calls them, I was hooked.

The story itself is simple, Greg has to be at the reading of his Uncle’s will if he wants a share of it. Add a big competetitive family, a side-kick named Tony Tony, and you know you’re in for a wild trip.

The chapters are not too long, light and quite funny. The language is okay, though a few spelling mistakes have slipped through the editing. The world is nicely build, more through comments than through descriptions, which is a plus. The inventions are cool. The characters even more so. I mean, anyone named Tony Tony kicks ass in my book (just say it aloud and you’ll know what mean).

The only thing that bugged me slightly was the website design, the trackbacks in the comments of the next and previous links make it a little sloppy.

So far I’m 10 chapters far, and it hasn’t lost anything of it’s charm. The Wolf’s Will is by no means big literature, but it makes for a fun and joyful break.

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