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By casmirradon, member

May 31, 2016: A thoroughly enjoyable story that gets considerably better as it goes on. In my head it’s almost two different stories. There there’s the beginning, which for myself was honestly only just barely good enough to keep me coming back to see what happened next. And then later when the world opens up more and it became a sprawling and ambitious epic that had me obsessively reading day and night.

As others have noted, it’s confusing at first that it takes place in an alternate world that is just similar enough to our world that I couldn’t really get my bearings. And there are lots of parts in the beginning that don’t really fit perfectly well with what we know about the world later.

Really though, do yourself a favor and read the first few arcs to get a real feel for the story, it is so worth it.

Shame that the update schedule has slowed way way down recently. I’m dying for more chapters!

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