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The Zone by Typist kid


A sci-fi story set in the 22nd century.

John has been dormant for nearly two years. He emerges again, but with a new alias. He enrolls himself into one of the largest schools in the world through a competition. But he doesn’t plan to stay for long, because of the event. He is only enrolled for a vacation of ‘normality’, since he has never had a normal childhood.

He makes friends with a group of teens who seem to engage in criminal activities for the rush. But they do not realize that Daniel, their soft hearted friend (John’s alias) is actually one of the powerful people in the world, The Architect, who was deemed dead.

But . . . There are tough descisions to make as the event nears, and many other problems to wrangle . . . .

Things get crazier in this already crazy world, and watch John come out at the top.

Note: The Zone contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: May 23, 2017


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