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Fun Casual Urban Fantasy

By ArtNJ, member

Aug 27, 2018: Although titled "Time Travel ( )" this is actually an urban fantasy, of which 31 good sized chapters are done, updating several times a week. It is, first and foremost, a fun read, as the main character grows in power, overcomes impossible odds, and tussles with various non-human races while learning about "the hidden world" (earth plus additional dimensions).

The main character develops a mobile program of unspecified purpose (other than to "make billions") consisting of "an amalgam of random snippets of code I copied from the internet and cobbled together to make them work properly" which somehow rewinds time. After using the app to make some money, the main character stumbles onto and becomes entangled with the hidden world through his (only?) friend, who turns out to belong to one of the major "families". As the rewinder can’t go too far back, the main character mainly uses it to prepare for and orchestrate the battles he is dragged into, thereby eventually winning against vastly more powerful enemies. Using the rewinder has a few side effects, causing the main character to regenerate, as well as, during heavy use, impacting his sanity as his alternate selves seem to bleed into his consciousness.

The premise sounds goofy, and it is to a degree. However, this is a casual title, where we aren’t supposed to worry over much about the details. For example, the main character never seems to worry about, or try to figure out, what is happening to him as he starts to regenerate faster and faster. This allows the story to focus on the fun elements—the main character’s ability to suffer through horrible situations, using the rewinder, strategy and luck to overcome impossible odds.

Initially, the plot is "stumble into making an enemy of a powerful family and have them send increasingly more powerful forces against him." Nonetheless, the author clearly has a bigger plot in mind, with additional factions entering the mix, and the main character beginning to form the goal of helping humanity achieve the benefits of magic.

At bottom, this title is great fun if you like action, don’t mind the casual approach, and can stomach an overpowered hero (if you can even call him that given how much he suffers for his victories.)


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