Is Tomorrow Girl Worth Today?

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

May 29, 2018: Once again, we enter the world of superheroes. Capes and powers are a popular subject, and it’s no surprise.

Unlike the majority of superhero fiction filling the net these days, Tomorrow Girl is a much more light-hearted romp into the world of four-color Jack Kirby superheroes.

It begins with destruction of the homeworld of Joss Jones, otherwise known as Tomorrow Girl, the sidekick to Tomorrow Man who is known by many as the greatest superhero to ever live. At the beginning of our story, it is discovered that the villain Jericho is aware of the end of their world, and Joss is forced to take the only way out, on a ship that crash lands her on an Earth much like ours.

There is much promise in Tomorrow Girl, but it does suffer from a degree of imperfection. My main critique comes from two places; namely character descriptions and the writing style. I’ve never been too fond of any sort of 1st person perspective, but I still prefer it to a switching between 1st and 3rd, and unfortunately that is an issue that does hinder Tomorrow Girl. In addition, some characters could use more development in both their appearance and their character, and sometimes the reader can only wonder if they’re only there for a stand-in moment in which to serve some purpose to the story.

But all is not lost, and I think Tomorrow Girl’s main strength is in its unabashed reverence to classic comic books. It is stated more than once that Joss Jones, Tomorrow Girl, comes from a world more fit for the Fantastic Four or the Legion of Super Heroes as opposed to darker heroes like Blade or Spawn. It’s a token and appreciated nod to the Silver Age of Comics, and one of the most amusing contrasts is between Tomorrow Girl and the normal humans in which she is forced to live among and interact with. In particular, a teenage girl named Zonya becomes a close confident of hers, and their relationship becomes something charming to follow as the story progresses.

At times, it is hard to tell where the story will go, but I do believe that it doesn’t intend to take itself completely seriously. A lot of the fun lies in the silliness and popcorn fun of classic comics, and most issues comes from the diction itself and elements of the writing style.

I believe with polishing and editing, this can be more than worthy of being a memorable story.

So the question lies in; should you read it?

If you like these kind of superhero stories, yes. If you don’t, then I don’t think it’s for you.

But either way, Tomorrow Girl marches on towards tomorrow, and hopefully, a better future.

End score: 3/5

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